Julian Taylor Band

Pilgrims of Funk, Soul & Roll 


With their strong work ethic and passion for fusing an eclectic mix of musical styles to define their own unique sound and persona, their most recent release "Avalanche" sees JTB continue to push further against their own boundaries. Avalanche is the sound of a band who is fully capable of cranking up to eleven and dazzling you with pyrotechnics, but who chooses instead to put that energy into slinky grooves, smooth country rock, and soulful tunes. Offering a deeply personal narrative, Taylor drew inspiration from an abundance of family memorabilia, and the soul-searching and self-reflection prompted by snap-shots of his memories. Taylor has combined his deepest and darkest memories with his strong musical roots to create possibly his finest collection yet. *Back Again reached #3 on both the CBC Music Top 20 and the Indigenous Music Countdown.  READ MORE...

Julian Taylor

Vocals and Guitar

Current Rig: Fender Twin, Vox AC 15, Fender Squire, Custom Barncaster, Taylor Acoustic Model 214

Recorded, performed and/or recorded with Staggered Crossing, Tyler Ellis and The Eddyline, Wolf Den, Phatt Al, David McLachlan, Marta Pacek. Adi Braun

Birthplace: Toronto, ONT


photo by Jerome Joyce

Jeremy Elliott


Current Rig:

Sabian Cymbals, Pearl Master Custom Maple Drums, Yamaha Hardware,Vic Firth Sticks, Porter & Davies 

Toured, performed and/or recorded with Staggered Crossing, Distorsis, Buffalo Builders, Tyler Ellis & The Eddyline, The Jimmies

Birthplace: Toronto, ONT 

Gareth Parry


UK born Guitar Player/Composer/Producer Graduated Leeds College Of Music’s Jazz program. Worked throughout UK and Europe touring and performing with a host of bands and ensembles. An exponent of the thriving Jazz/funk/soul scene, He s was a founding member of Ariya Atstrrobeat Arkestra, The Out Of Towners whom he toured with extensively.

In 2011 he left the UK and moved to Toronto, where he continues to perform and tour. He recently launched a creative music label, BengalCatSounds. Focused on providing a home to improvised music and creating a  community for like minded musicians.

Birthplace: Derby, UK

David Engle

Hammond Organ, Keyboards

Current Rig:

Hammond Organ, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Rhodes Electric Piano, Hohner Clavinet, Piano, Yahamaha CS15-D

Toured, performed and/or recorded with SUNRiSER, The Jimmies, Dog Du Jour, Lindi Ortega, UK Calling 

Birthplace: Toronto, ONT

Steve Pelletier

Bass Guitar

Current Rig:

Fender basses, Aguilar amps and cabinets, D’addario strings, Mono cases and straps


Toured, performed and/or Recorded with Colin James, Matt Andersen, Sass Jordan, Jeff Healey, Deric Ruttan

Birthplace: Hamilton, ONT

Ritch Thoman


Current Rig: Selmer, Mark 6 saxophones, Gary Sugal mouthpiece, D'Addario, filed, jazz select reeds, Sennheiser MD 421 mic (sax), Sennheiser e945 mic (vox)

Toured, performed and/or recorded with Caffeine, Fight Them Back, Jam Central Station, Grace, Tommy Gunn & The Untouchables, The Inspirators, Combo #9, Nik & The Nice Guys, Orchestra/Show Band,, Carnival Cruise Lines, This Way Out, Killing Time Band, Sharon Musgrave, Backroom 11. The Latin Vintage Orchestra, Jazz Attack, Big Rude Jake, Brothers Du Monde, UK Calling 

Birthplace: Hamilton, ONT