The band were signed to Warner Music Canada in 1999. Later that year, the band signed with manager Larry Wanagas, founder of Bumstead Records, who had managed acts such as Big Sugar, k.d. lang, Susan Aglukark, The Trews and BOY. 

On February 27, 2001, Staggered Crossing was released their self-titled full-length debut album in Canada. The band's debut single, "Further Again," reached #7 on the Canadian rock charts and ended the year as the sixth most played song on rock radio in Canada.  "A Million Works of Art" and "Old Man" were also released as singles. The debut album went on to sell 15,000 copies in Canada according to SoundScan.  

The band continued to tour and perform across Canada with groups such as Big Sugar, Blue Rodeo, Nickelback, The Guess Who, Midnight Oil, 54-40, Wide Mouth Mason, Crowbar, and Spirit of the West.  

Other highlights included an appearance on Open Mike with Mike Bullard and the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities naming their self-titled album the "Best Contemporary Music Recording of the Year" at Universities and Colleges in 2001. Staggered Crossing had a hand in helping to amending The Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms Canadian bankruptcy law. Alongside the bands management (Bumstead) at the time, and (Peter Steinmetz) one of the country’s most respected lawyers, the band argued that the ownership of unpublished compositions should revert back to the composers.  They won, and since then that is what the law states. It also includes demo recordings, lyrics and lead sheets. It was a big win for all for Canadian artists.  

Bruce Adamson left the group to further his career in publishing and law in 2001.  In an attempt to return to the sound of their early years the band parted with producer and band member, Darrell O'Dea. The band also parted ways over creative differences later that year with Warner Music Canada.  


After Julian Taylor organized his own "publishing company and record label, Bent Penny Records" their former guitarist David Marshall started playing with the band again.  StagX’s next album, Last Summer When We Were Famous, was released in August 2002. The album was produced by Jay Bennett of Wilco.  

In 2004, they released the album Burgundy & Blue. "Perfect Prize" was released as a single and peaked at #17 on Canada's Rock chart. It also became the highest charting indie rock release of 2005.  

The band officially announced their breakup on August 29, 2007.  In a press release the band assured fans and the media that their parting was amiable, stating:  

... While it would certainly be more fun to announce a breakup because of 'creative differences' or because of some monumental and catastrophic fight between bandmates, neither is the case. We simply cannot continue to commit the time, energy and enthusiasm to this band that we love so much. We are still great friends and this change is not the end of our musical collaborations.  

The band announced one final show, which was performed at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on November 2, 2007. However, the band continued to play together on an informal basis. Notably, the band reunited for a concert at the Horseshoe Tavern on July 9, 2009, to pay tribute to the music of Jay Walter Bennett, who produced the band's Last Summer When We Were Famous album. Bennett had recently died. Bruce Adamson, Dan Black, Julian Taylor, David Marshall and Jeremy Elliott were all present. In conjunction with the concert, a tribute single entitled 'Pull You Through' and written by Bennett's former band Titanic Love Affair was released to Canadian radio.  

The band reunited to open for Blue Rodeo at the Nepean National Equestrian Park on August 21, 2010. Ben Spivak from Magic! played keyboards.  

The band also performed at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on December 3, 2011 as part of the long-standing Christmas show: 'StagXmas Bash'.  

Guitarist Bruce Adamson passed away December 15, 2015 in Toronto.  

Drummer Jeremy Elliott and Singer/Guitarist Julian Taylor now perform and record as part of the Julian Taylor Band, and have released three albums: 'Tech Noir' in 2014, and the double album 'Desert Star' on Aporia Records in 2016 and ‘Avalanche’ on Gypsy Soul Records in 2019.  


Julian Taylor, vocals and guitar  
Dan Black, bass guitar  
Jeremy Elliott, drums  
David E.G. Marshall, guitar (a founding member of the group, left in 1997 and returned in December 2001)  
Darrell O'Dea, keyboards, guitars and vocals (1997 to December 2001)  
Bruce Adamson, lead guitar (1997 to December 2001) (Died 2015)  


Studio Albums  

Mold (1997)  
4-Song EP (2000)  
Staggered Crossing (2001)  
Last Summer When We Were Famous (2002)  
Burgundy & Blue (2004)  


"Further Again" (2001) - Top 10  
"Million Works of Art" (2001) - Top 40  
"Old Man" (2001)  
"Felony" (2002)  
"Business as Usual" (2003) - Top 100  
"Everyone Says" (2003)  
"Grow" (2004)  
"Perfect Prize" (2005) - Top 20  
"Don't Get Me Started" (2005) - Top 100  
"Pull You Through" (2009)


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