1. Sweeter

From the recording Anthology Vol. 1

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Driving all through the night on the Trans Canada Highway
Eight hours of road signs. Set to Five Days In May
Traveling from one town to the next and playing follow the leader.
(How) Our love couldn’t get any Sweeter.

Stopped to hear Chief Dan George speak at the Mission
All of those lessoned we learnt waiting for sundown
An eagle opened the sky, made me a believer
(How) Our love couldn’t get any Sweeter

Broken down cars, little dive bars. Radio’s playing 54:40
My heart soars through wild rose country
We had a lingerie lunch while Venice was sinking
Those Ontario boys they just kept on drinking

Faces like silhouettes captured in rapture
Are we there yet? Induces more laughter
Trucking through Rogers Pass. Moonbeams reflect on Red Cedars.
(How) Our love couldn’t get any Sweeter.